Year-End Blessings

The year is about to end and although most people around us would assume that this year has been particularly difficult for us because our burned down a couple of months ago, I would have to say, that amidst all the struggle and the major adjustments that we need to make, this year is still full of blessings.

The difficulties that we had to face has made us stronger not just as individuals but more importantly, as a family. We managed to be strong for each other, making sure that we never lose hope. We always make it a point to encourage one another and to see the brighter side of things despite of all the things that we’ve lost.

One of the things that we are working hard on is to find multiple sources of income especially since we didn’t have a steady source of income during the first few months after the fire. I’m truly excited because I have finally landed a job as a Virtual Assistant. It’s really a great blessing because I have always wanted to work online and thankfully, I found a client who hired meĀ as his VA. Through my earnings, I will be able to pay for some of the bills that have piled up and help with all the other expenses. Hopefully I’ll be able to find other clients so that I can also save and maybe buy some other things that our children may need. We have actually been planning (and this was before the fire), to buy our children a guitar or may some other accessories such as digital mixers. Now that we are starting to find a more stable source of income, we are hoping to be able to buy those for them as well.