On Entrance Tests and School Dance

It’s another eventful week for our son because of the many things that he has to attend to at school. As I am writing this post, he is at school, attending his Senior Prom. Just like most seniors, he has been very excited about their prom. He is also happy and satisfied about what he’s wearing (which is exactly what we’re hoping for). He said that his entire senior class is also excited because it will be their last major social gathering at school. I just hope everything went well and that he will enjoy the event. I’m also looking forward to seeing their photos; I’m sure his classmates will be posting their photos on Facebook by tomorrow.

Aside from his prom, he’s also busy preparing for the college entrance exams that he’ll be taking in a few weeks time. We have prepared all the documents that he needs to submit and hopefully by next week, he can have a definite schedule on when he would take his exams at a college that he prefers. I hope that he’ll be able to get into that school because it a well established college known to provide their students with quality education.

By the way, I mentioned in a previous post that our internet connection is acting up. Well, it’s been almost a week and we are still having the same problem. I am now actually using a broadband stick from another internet provider. I just hope that our ISP’s service team will be here tomorrow to fix our connection.

Crappy Internet Connection

I went online earlier than usual today because I wanted to finish all my online tasks early so that I can still help my son review for his exams tomorrow. I actually had a schedule as to what I should have accomplished by midday,and I’m really optimistic about it, but unfortunately my internet connection is acting up again. It has been like this for past week or so, with the connection going from slow to not having any at all. It is really frustrating especially when I need to finish some online tasks that I have to submit on time. I usually have intermittent connection at night; sometimes, I can access Facebook but not my email or Twitter. Weird, right? Most of the times, loading takes too long. I was actually loading a couple of photos the other night which I will use for a blog post but loading and editing them took so long that by the time it was done, it was already almost 2am. I had to go to bed since I still need to wake up at 4:30a.m. to prepare my children’s breakfast and baon for school.

My husband has been telling me to switch providers already and I am seriously considering it because I don’t think I can stand the quality of internet connection that my current internet provider is giving me. A stable (and fast) internet connection is important for me since apart from blogging I also work online (which has been a source of extra income for our household). I am asking our neighbors for feedback about their internet provider and I hope to get some ideas on which one offers fast and reliable internet service. Good luck to me, huh?