Another Rainy Weekend

It has been raining non-stop for hours and it looks like it’ll remain that way for most of the night. Although the typhoon is not expected to hit our area directly (unlike in nearby provinces and cities where a typhoon signal warning has already been raised), we are still experiencing heavy rains since early Saturday afternoon. I just hope that those areas which are on the path of the typhoon will not be heavily damaged because honestly, I don’t think they have really recovered from the devastation that they have experienced from the previous typhoons. According to the weather forecast, the typhoon is expected to leave the Philippine’s area of responsibility by Tuesday evening. This means that we will be experiencing another rainy weekend. I just hope that the weather will improve  by Monday so that the kids will not have a hard time when they go back to school.

We don ‘t really have any plans of going out this weekend since it’ll be exam week for the kids next week. We’ll be spending time reviewing for their exams which will start on Wednesday. And although I plan to finish some online work, I want to limit the time I spend online tomorrow. I will just work on finding some images and do some posters on the tasks that I need to do in the coming week. This includes the articles on online shopping that I need to do and I need to find images related to it including photos of products and services that are commonly offered by online stores. I just hope that unlike before when what I was looking for took too much time, I won’t be having a hard time since I already have an idea on how to find the images that are suitable to the articles that I am writing.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Preparations and Changes

I know I haven’t updated this blog (or any of my other blogs for that matter); there hasn’t been any crisis of some sort, I guess I just wanted to take a break for a while. Taking a break from blogging wasn’t actually something that I planned to do. I guess when we things got hectic around here at home (between the kids’ enrollment and taking care of everything that they need for school), I was so burnt out that I haven’t had the energy to update my blogs. I haven’t been idle though, I have been busy organizing our closets and putting all the clothes that we no longer use in a separate box. And since the rainy season is here and we’re expecting a number of storms to come our way, we have been making all the necessary repairs around the house. There was actually a major storm a week ago and it rained non-stop throughout the night and electricity we cut off at around 2am. Our water supply was also gone by midday the next day; which makes it really difficult to do chores around the house. It’s a good thing our electricity was restored late that night (we’re fortunate that the damage in our area wasn’t as severe as the other nearby areas). The experience has actually made us more aware of the importance of having an emergency kit. We still need to buy a few important items such as a rechargeable lamp (we used candles during the storm) and a portable radio (I also may buy a memory foam seat cushion for the chair that I’m using here at my makeshift home office). I just hope we get to organize everything before another storm comes.

Anyway, there are also other things that are keeping me busy even if I haven’t been active online. I’ve been contemplating on the current state of my online career and frankly, I am not satisfied; I know that I can do more, that I can be more. I know that to fully realize my potential, I have to make some changes. I know that I need to acquire additional skills if I want to be able to do more and earn more online. I decide to take some online classes. I enrolled in short term courses that I know will be valuable in helping me pursue the kind of online career that I want. I know that it will take a lot of work but I am determined to achieve my goal especially since I know that it will help me acquire valuable skill sets and more importantly, help me get a stable home based job that will allow me to earn more and have more time with my family.

Productive Weekend

For the past few days, I have been meaning to finish some online tasks but somehow, I ended up being preoccupied by other things (such as creating backups for our vacation photos and videos). Although I still have over a week to finish them, I wanted to be able to submit them in  advance so that I wouldn’t be stressed when their due date comes. Anyway, I told myself that today will be different, that it is going to be a productive one. Even if it’s the weekend, I wanted to finish most, if not all, of the tasks that I have. Besides, I plan to relax tomorrow since it’s a Sunday. Maybe we can have a movie marathon after attending mass. I am happy that so far, I have made quite a huge progress, I have managed to update my blogs (which, I must say, doesn’t happen very often). I have also been encouraging our youngest to do something this weekend, like perhaps clean their room. I told him that their room has been cluttered with their books and clothes. He said he’ll be doing it tomorrow. He also want to change their bed sheets and their pillow sheets. He told me though that their mattress may need to be changed soon. I may have to look for stores that sell affordable but quality mattresses. But since I still don’t have the time to visit the mall, I may have to search online to look for retailers like this website for quality mattresses that are affordable as well.