Finding the Time to Read

I was going through my phone a couple of days ago, trying to determine which applications I can uninstall when I realized that I haven’t read most of the eBooks that I have. It seems that I have been so preoccupied with other things that I haven’t had the time to read any of them. I think the last time I used my phone to read was last May when I was waiting for my turn to vote . I knew that we would be waiting in line for at least an hour, I made sure that I brought my phone with me so that I can have something worthwhile to do while waiting.

Anyway, I have again started reading my eBooks, I made sure that I set aside time before bedtime to read. I am actually halfway through one novel right now and I’m sure that I can finish it this weekend. I ‘m glad that I am finding the time to do what I really enjoy (which is reading) and at the same time, have the time to relax after a busy day here at home.

Have a great weekend!

Renewed and Revived

This blog hasn’t been updated in a while that those who may have come across it online may think that the author of this blog is no longer interested in it. That is definitely far from the truth. I may list some very valid reasons as to why I haven’t updated it in awhile but I I don’t want to burden you with any of that. But I will tell you why this blog is important to me. Flowing Rhythms is my very first blog. It was created over two years ago when I was just starting to discover the many options that available to those like me who are looking for productive ways of using the time they spend online. Today, marks what I would call the ‘rebirth’ of this blog. I was thinking about it for weeks and when I renewed this domain this morning, I knew that I couldn’t let go of this blog. Although it started out as an online chronicle of all my online earnings, this blog will follow a different niche from now on. I feel that this will be more suitable for current issues that are happening everywhere that would interest most people and even random things that are worthy to be discussed. I do hope that those who will read my future posts will find them interesting as well.

‘Till next post and have a great weekend.

Time for a Haircut

At both of my kids’ schools, it is mandatory that they have a haircut every first week of the month. My kids would always remind me about it because they’re sure that their teachers would check their hair every first Monday of the month.


From what I have read online, men should have a haircut every five weeks. While for women with long hair, a trim is advisable at least every four to six weeks. This is to avoid split ends and to promote healthy hair.

I have been meaning to have a haircut for weeks now because I can see that the ends of my hair have gone brittle and some even have split ends. And because of I am prone to hair loss because of my medical condition, having long hair is not advisable. I just keep on postponing my trip to the salon because I have been busy online and offline (offline, meaning I still have to attend to a number of things here at home including helping my kids with their school work). Anyway, I finally went to a nearby hair salon for my much needed haircut last week. My head actually felt lighter because of my now shoulder-length hair. I just hope I can remember to get a trim every four weeks if I intend to have healthier hair.