Productive Weekend

For the past few days, I have been meaning to finish some online tasks but somehow, I ended up being preoccupied by other things (such as creating backups for our vacation photos and videos). Although I still have over a week to finish them, I wanted to be able to submit them in  advance so that I wouldn’t be stressed when their due date comes. Anyway, I told myself that today will be different, that it is going to be a productive one. Even if it’s the weekend, I wanted to finish most, if not all, of the tasks that I have. Besides, I plan to relax tomorrow since it’s a Sunday. Maybe we can have a movie marathon after attending mass. I am happy that so far, I have made quite a huge progress, I have managed to update my blogs (which, I must say, doesn’t happen very often). I have also been encouraging our youngest to do something this weekend, like perhaps clean their room. I told him that their room has been cluttered with their books and clothes. He said he’ll be doing it tomorrow. He also want to change their bed sheets and their pillow sheets. He told me though that their mattress may need to be changed soon. I may have to look for stores that sell affordable but quality mattresses. But since I still don’t have the time to visit the mall, I may have to search online to look for retailers like this website for quality mattresses that are affordable as well.

Quick Update

It has been quite some time since this blog has been updated and there has been a lot going on not just with this blog but also with matters related to my life offline. This blog has once again had to deal with being hacked, problems with the server and the like. Good thing, these things have been resolved and hopefully, I don’t have to deal with such problems again. They can be very stressful, really. Fortunately, the problems with the virus and the server only lasted for a couple of days. There is also the usual problem with our internet connection; it seems they can’t seem to address the problem completely because there are still days when we would suddenly lose our connection. Anyway, I don’t really want to dwell with them too much because I want to focus more on keeping this blog active along with the other blogs that I maintain.

Things have also been busy around our household these past few days, especially with kids going back to school again. Another school year started for them over a month ago and we were busy with preparing everything especially with our eldest entering college. I must say that we are happy that they are adjusting well, particularly our eldest, who’s adjusting just fine with college life. Anyway, I’m looking forward to coming up with interesting posts and giveaways that I’m sure you will all love.

A Busy Week Indeed

My week started with what would be considered as a blogger’s worst nightmare – having his/her blog hacked or infected with malware. This is what I had to deal with as early as Monday morning, finding out that this blog has been showing a malware warning to those who try to visit it. For someone like me who is not that knowledgeable about codes and stuff, it can be extra stressful and frustrating. Good thing I was able to seek help from other bloggers who are generous with their time and knowledge. They  patiently answered my questions and helped me in any way they can. What I appreciate the most is the fact that they are willing to share their time with me even if I know that they have other more pressing things to attend to.  (Thank you, ladies! I am truly grateful for all your help). This blog is now clean, with all those bad codes flushed out.

Another thing that I have to deal with this week is our ‘incredibly slow’ internet connection. We started having problems with our connection last Tuesday; there were even times when we didn’t have any connection at all. For someone like me who works online, a slow and unstable internet connection is unacceptable. It takes a really long time just to publish a blog post. I have actually relayed our problem to our provider and I am still waiting for their response. I just hope that this gets fixed soon, I just cannot concentrate on my work and at the same time,  worry about whether there’s an internet connection or not.

This week’s events are enough to keep me busy (and stressed), and although I love surprises (the good kind, of course), I just hope there wouldn’t be any  more ‘surprises’ for this week.