Starting a New Collection

We lost most of our possessions when our house burned down a couple of months ago and among them are our kids’ collections such as books, magazines, Hot Wheels, trading cards and their Transformers collection. We know that it’ll takes months and even years to collect them all again but we’re still optimistic about it.

Our youngest is particularly sad about his Transformers collection especially since he used his Christmas money for them. He is also sad about losing our keyboards since he has been so keen in learning how to play the keyboards. He has actually learned to play a few pieces and has even bought the keyboards to school a few times for their group presentations. He’s hoping that we’ll be able to save for one soon so that he can continue learning how to play his favorite songs. He said it’s a good thing we haven’t bought a guitar yet. They have been saving for one a few months before our house burned down but for now, we just have to think about more important things like saving up for everything that they will need once the new school year starts. For now now though, they just have to be content with looking at guitars and other guitar accessories online (such as the leather guitar strap pattern┬áthat comes in the color that they like). Hopefully, in a few months time, they can have the funds that they need to slowly build up the collections that they want.