Pixprofit : Proof of Payment

I have heard about Pixprofit form the different forums that I’ve joined and decided to give it a try. Members of Prixprofit earn by typing CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). They are paid $1 for every 1000 pictures. In most websites nowadays, members are asked to enter a CAPTCHA code to be able to continue using the site.

I started there last Monday and reached the minimum payout of $3 yesterday. I received my payment this morning through Paypal.

Here’s my proof of payment from Pixprofit :


I joined GodWhispersClub a few weeks ago and I’m really glad that I am part of it. It is not an earning site, not like the ones I talk about here. Instead , they send their members emails that has very inspiring ‘GodWhispers’. I really find them very encouraging. Joining the club is free so why not give it a try ?

Here are just a few of the ‘GodWhispers’ that I have received :

I Can Finally Access Mypage5

Two days ago, I was surprised to learn that I can’t access MyPage5 because my anti-virus keep giving out the message that the page contains ‘active threats’ that’s why they are not allowing access at the time. I keep trying to access the site throughout the day and even the day after but I was unsuccessful.

Good thing that when I tried logging in to the site today, I was able to access the site. I can finally continue earning there. I am actually getting impatient, my earnings there have been slow…. I wonder when I can reach my second payout there . . . hope i can reach payout in a few weeks time . .

Here’s the link on my previous post about the site that includes my proof of payment from Mypage5: