Only Four Posts ?

It’s already the end of the month and as I was browsing through my sites, I noticed that I only managed to make four posts for this month. Yup, four posts ! Wow…and to think that at the beginning of this month I was aiming to be more active in coming up with more posts.

So, what happened during this month that made me so busy ? Let’s see, I am still getting used to using WP ( I have two blogs on WP). There are still some instances where I get confused with what to do . I am still spending some time getting familiar with the ins and outs of WP.
But what made me really busy this month was that I was able to do more article writing. I am thankful that I am given more opportunities writing articles. I just hope that this will continue in the coming months since we are saving for the kids’ tuition fees. I also plan to buy another domain and come up with another blog.
Still, even if I failed in coming up with more posts in this blog for this month, I can still say that it has been a productive month for me since I have more opportunities in the writing front.
Have a blessed weekend everyone !

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  1. I have not tried wordpress but many recommend me to try. I am loving blogspot, though.

    Happy blogging!

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