HeartMath Corporate Wellness

Every year corporations lose billions of dollars due to employee illnesses, absenteeism and sick days. Employees that constantly have to miss work because of illnesses have affected the productivity output and the quality of work that the company is able to produce. Companies do not only end up spending more on their employees’ insurance and health benefits but they also spend more on hiring new employees to replace those who they have to let go because of health issues. Most of these illnesses are stress related, mostly stress that are brought about their work and home environment. It is important that the factors that caused this unnecessary stress and trigger wrong lifestyle habits are determined and eliminated.

Wellness in the workplace has many benefits not just to the individual but to the company as well. Employees are considered as the most important assets of any company and just as companies spend in their training, they should also develop a corporate wellness program that will prioritize their employees’ health and well being.

In certain companies where there are a majority of employees that are having health issues from the more simple illnesses such as colds and sore throats to the more chronic ones such as heart disease and obesity, HeartMath wellness programs are being developed to encourage employees to adapt a healthier lifestyle. To motivate them to start living a healthy lifestyle, incentives are being offered which includes pay days off from work, additional insurance and monetary bonuses. Each employee undergoes a thorough check-up to determine their current health condition and if they are suffering from any type of illness. A customized diet and exercise plan can be developed to address whatever health issues they may have. Support is given whenever necessary to ensure that these wellness programs become successful. A healthy employee that is able to go to work every day, finish all the tasks at hand and turn over quality work every time is a great asset to any company and this is what most companies what to have. With a healthy and productive workforce, a company is sure to grow and achieve its goals despite the challenges their industry may face in the future.


*This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.