Guitar Storage Essentials: Gig Bags/Guitar Cases

Knowing how to properly store your guitar is key in making sure that it is maintained properly and will last for a long time. Guitars are exposed to different conditions and abuse especially if you go on tours and play in live shows on a regular basis.

There are two main types of guitar case : hard cases and gig bags. Hard cases such as the bam classical guitar case are made of hard shell that provide excellent protection for your guitar against extreme temperature changes, humidity and physical abuse. They may be bulky and heavier compared to gig bags.

A gig bag is a padded bag that is ideally used for storage and transport of a guitar especially when going at gigs and live shows. Most of the gig bags that are available nowadays have multiple pockets which are ideal for storage of different items such as sheet music, cables and guitar picks. It also allows the the storage of other accessories such as shoulder straps that are used for added comfort, portability and convenience.

Whether you are a novice guitar player or an expert guitarist, investing in a quality guitar case and/or gig bag is a must because it is important in the proper maintenance and storage of your guitar.