First Summer Job

It was in the early part of March when we heard about the government’s Special Program for Employment of Students. I saw the announcement about the submission of applications that was posted at the Facebook page of our city mayor and we immediately worked on making sure that our son has all the necessary documents that were required. The program only allows one member of the household to apply for the program and since our eldest has already applied for a Student Assistant position at his school, our youngest was the one who applied for the SPES program. He has actually been talking about looking for a summer job which is why¬†when we told him about SPES, he immediately worked on his application.

He went with his friend/classmate to the Public Employment Service Office at the city hall,submitted his application form and documents and was¬†interviewed. They were then told to wait for the results a few weeks after that. He was actually disappointed when he didn’t see his name on the list that was posted at our Barangay Office, but fortunately he was part of the second batch of students that were accepted to the program. He started working this month and has been assigned (together with his friend) at the Barangay Office. This is his first summer job and he’s really very excited about it. We’re hoping that he will learn a lot from it including knowing the value of work, being responsible about his time, enhancing his skills and developing his people skills.

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Anyway, one of the reasons that he’s excited about getting a summer job is because he will finally get to buy something that he’s been meaning to buy – a guitar. He told us that he want to set aside a part of his earnings to buy a guitar. He has actually been asking his friends on where he can find a cheap quality guitar and has been reading guitar-themed articles online such as buying guides for newbie guitar players and how to get the best guitar setup. We’re hoping to find a guitar that’s suitable for him and is within his budget so that he can have his own guitar and practice playing during the weekends.