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Exploring an Additional Income Opportunity

As parents, one of our main priorities is providing the needs of our family especially the needs of our children. It is always wise to look for more ways to earn and not just rely on a single source of income. With the economy being unstable and the prices of basic commodities constantly increasing, we really have to make sure that we have, if possible, multiple sources of income.

Having multiple sources of income is something that we’ve been thinking and praying about these past few months and we have been looking for opportunities on how to do just that. We want to be able to have the funds we need for our everyday needs and expenses and also have something set aside for emergency purposes and for our children’s future. It would even be more wonderful if we could afford to give gifts to our loved one during special occasions (even if they’re one of those used taylor guitars that my nephew wants).We have decided that we should turn my husband’s hobby into an income generating source. My husband is into making arts/crafts projects such as making miniature houses (nipa huts, tree houses, etc.), candle holders and other unique gift items. And since a couple of people have actually bought them, we decided that we should focus more on that and start making more so that we can sell more (and of course, earn more).

We started with making a Facebook page so that we can feature all of his arts/crafts projects. I then started promoting the page so that we can reach a wider audience. After a few weeks, we landed our first major project; a company asked us to make a couple of of miniature nipa huts which they will be giving away as Christmas gifts to their clients. It was indeed a great blessing, something that we’ve been praying for. We have been working hard on it these past couple of days so that we can finish their order ahead of schedule. We really hope that this will be the start of something big for our new business and that we will be able to have more clients in the future.

Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment

Having your own home recording studio has its many advantages especially if you’re serious about creating your own music. Your home recording studio does not have to be elaborate. Although having the latest equipment have its perks, you can still enjoy the benefits of your own home recording studio by simply investing in a few essentials.

One of the most important of these is a digital recording device. You don’t have to invest in a separate device if you have a computer that has a built-in sound card with a high quality digital audio converter. You will also need a software that allows you to edit and mix tracks and add special effects. Software such as the komplete elements contain a comprehensive selection of production-ready sounds and effects. You will be able to complete a wide range of audio production tasks using this software.

Other important equipment that you need to invest in in setting up a modest home recording studio are a good microphone, speakers, headphones, audio interface and a MIDI controller. In choosing a microphone, it is best if you determine first which type of microphone is suitable for the type of recording that you will make. Don’t skimp on your microphone. The right microphone can make a huge difference on the quality of sound that you will get on your recordings. It is best if you take the time to research first so that you’ll be able to choose the best type of microphone that you need.

If you are undecided on which specific type or brand to buy, it is always wise to research and ask the opinion of experts so that you will have a more informed decision on which equipment to buy for your home recording studio.

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Year-End Blessings

The year is about to end and although most people around us would assume that this year has been particularly difficult for us because our burned down a couple of months ago, I would have to say, that amidst all the struggle and the major adjustments that we need to make, this year is still full of blessings.

The difficulties that we had to face has made us stronger not just as individuals but more importantly, as a family. We managed to be strong for each other, making sure that we never lose hope. We always make it a point to encourage one another and to see the brighter side of things despite of all the things that we’ve lost.

One of the things that we are working hard on is to find multiple sources of income especially since we didn’t have a steady source of income during the first few months after the fire. I’m truly excited because I have finally landed a job as a Virtual Assistant. It’s really a great blessing because I have always wanted to work online and thankfully, I found a client who hired me as his VA. Through my earnings, I will be able to pay for some of the bills that have piled up and help with all the other expenses. Hopefully I’ll be able to find other clients so that I can also save and maybe buy some other things that our children may need. We have actually been planning (and this was before the fire), to buy our children a guitar or may some other accessories such as digital mixers. Now that we are starting to find a more stable source of income, we are hoping to be able to buy those for them as well.