Adgitize Payment for May

I received my payment form Adgitize a few days ago for being both an advertiser and a publisher. I used it to renew my ad for one of my blogs and I plan to run one more ad for one of my other blogs.

Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize Payment for April

I received my Adgitize payment for the month of April a few days ago. I have been an advertiser for a couple of months and I can say that the amount I paid for advertising is worth it. The amount of traffic that my blogs get from them has increased and I’m really happy with that. And since I also receive payment from them every month, it’s like I’m advertising for free !

Here’s my payment proof :

Adgitize Proof of Payment

I was able to reach the minimum payout in Adgitize last month (as an advertiser and publisher) and yesterday I received my payment from them. I have placed an ad for my blog, Life as WAHM, this month. My ad for my other blog, Family Life by Fe, expired three days ago but I intend to renew it by next week. Advertising at Adgitize has brought a lot of traffic for my blogs which is the main reason why I plan to continue advertising my blogs.

Here’s my proof of payment from Adgitize :