A Busy First Quarter

The first quarter of the year has passed by rather quickly for me. It has been a very busy first quarter and it’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t been able to update this blog as often as I would like to. As what I may have mentioned in some of my previous posts, I have spent the last quarter of last year and the first couple of weeks of this year looking for a full time online job. I have decided to focus more on my online freelance career because I’ve always felt that it is a career where I can really thrive.

After spending the last couple of weeks sending out applications and undergoing a few interviews in the process, I was finally able to land a full time online job. I was really ecstatic about it because the I get to work on a project which I believe is something that I am good at and something that I will also learn a lot from in the process.

Anyway, one of the many reasons why I really wanted to pursue working online is that I get to have a full time job and earn while I’m at home. I still get to spend a lot of time with my family and I am still able to attend to their needs. Now that I am also earning a decent amount of money from my online job, I can contribute to our household’s income and even buy a few items for our kids including the new guitar that our youngest saw at the best online music store that his friends told him about. Hopefully, we get to buy the guitar that he wants just in time for his birthday.

I will, of course, still try to update this blog often and maybe give you guys an update on the progress of my new career. ‘Till next post.

Starting a New Collection

We lost most of our possessions when our house burned down a couple of months ago and among them are our kids’ collections such as books, magazines, Hot Wheels, trading cards and their Transformers collection. We know that it’ll takes months and even years to collect them all again but we’re still optimistic about it.

Our youngest is particularly sad about his Transformers collection especially since he used his Christmas money for them. He is also sad about losing our keyboards since he has been so keen in learning how to play the keyboards. He has actually learned to play a few pieces and has even bought the keyboards to school a few times for their group presentations. He’s hoping that we’ll be able to save for one soon so that he can continue learning how to play his favorite songs. He said it’s a good thing we haven’t bought a guitar yet. They have been saving for one a few months before our house burned down but for now, we just have to think about more important things like saving up for everything that they will need once the new school year starts. For now now though, they just have to be content with looking at guitars and other guitar accessories online (such as the leather guitar strap pattern that comes in the color that they like). Hopefully, in a few months time, they can have the funds that they need to slowly build up the collections that they want.

Another Rainy Weekend

It has been raining non-stop for hours and it looks like it’ll remain that way for most of the night. Although the typhoon is not expected to hit our area directly (unlike in nearby provinces and cities where a typhoon signal warning has already been raised), we are still experiencing heavy rains since early Saturday afternoon. I just hope that those areas which are on the path of the typhoon will not be heavily damaged because honestly, I don’t think they have really recovered from the devastation that they have experienced from the previous typhoons. According to the weather forecast, the typhoon is expected to leave the Philippine’s area of responsibility by Tuesday evening. This means that we will be experiencing another rainy weekend. I just hope that the weather will improve  by Monday so that the kids will not have a hard time when they go back to school.

We don ‘t really have any plans of going out this weekend since it’ll be exam week for the kids next week. We’ll be spending time reviewing for their exams which will start on Wednesday. And although I plan to finish some online work, I want to limit the time I spend online tomorrow. I will just work on finding some images and do some posters on the tasks that I need to do in the coming week. This includes the articles on online shopping that I need to do and I need to find images related to it including photos of products and services that are commonly offered by online stores. I just hope that unlike before when what I was looking for took too much time, I won’t be having a hard time since I already have an idea on how to find the images that are suitable to the articles that I am writing.

Have a great weekend everyone.