Preparations and Changes

I know I haven’t updated this blog (or any of my other blogs for that matter); there hasn’t been any crisis of some sort, I guess I just wanted to take a break for a while. Taking a break from blogging wasn’t actually something that I planned to do. I guess when we things got hectic around here at home (between the kids’ enrollment and taking care of everything that they need for school), I was so burnt out that I haven’t had the energy to update my blogs. I haven’t been idle though, I have been busy organizing our closets and putting all the clothes that we no longer use in a separate box. And since the rainy season is here and we’re expecting a number of storms to come our way, we have been making all the necessary repairs around the house. There was actually a major storm a week ago and it rained non-stop throughout the night and electricity we cut off at around 2am. Our water supply was also gone by midday the next day; which makes it really difficult to do chores around the house. It’s a good thing our electricity was restored late that night (we’re fortunate that the damage in our area wasn’t as severe as the other nearby areas). The experience has actually made us more aware of the importance of having an emergency kit. We still need to buy a few important items such as a rechargeable lamp (we used candles during the storm) and a portable radio (I also may buy a memory foam seat cushion for the chair that I’m using here at my makeshift home office). I just hope we get to organize everything before another storm comes.

Anyway, there are also other things that are keeping me busy even if I haven’t been active online. I’ve been contemplating on the current state of my online career and frankly, I am not satisfied; I know that I can do more, that I can be more. I know that to fully realize my potential, I have to make some changes. I know that I need to acquire additional skills if I want to be able to do more and earn more online. I decide to take some online classes. I enrolled in short term courses that I know will be valuable in helping me pursue the kind of online career that I want. I know that it will take a lot of work but I am determined to achieve my goal especially since I know that it will help me acquire valuable skill sets and more importantly, help me get a stable home based job that will allow me to earn more and have more time with my family.

Crappy Internet Connection

I went online earlier than usual today because I wanted to finish all my online tasks early so that I can still help my son review for his exams tomorrow. I actually had a schedule as to what I should have accomplished by midday,and I’m really optimistic about it, but unfortunately my internet connection is acting up again. It has been like this for past week or so, with the connection going from slow to not having any at all. It is really frustrating especially when I need to finish some online tasks that I have to submit on time. I usually have intermittent connection at night; sometimes, I can access Facebook but not my email or Twitter. Weird, right? Most of the times, loading takes too long. I was actually loading a couple of photos the other night which I will use for a blog post but loading and editing them took so long that by the time it was done, it was already almost 2am. I had to go to bed since I still need to wake up at 4:30a.m. to prepare my children’s breakfast and baon for school.

My husband has been telling me to switch providers already and I am seriously considering it because I don’t think I can stand the quality of internet connection that my current internet provider is giving me. A stable (and fast) internet connection is important for me since apart from blogging I also work online (which has been a source of extra income for our household). I am asking our neighbors for feedback about their internet provider and I hope to get some ideas on which one offers fast and reliable internet service. Good luck to me, huh?

Renewed and Revived

This blog hasn’t been updated in a while that those who may have come across it online may think that the author of this blog is no longer interested in it. That is definitely far from the truth. I may list some very valid reasons as to why I haven’t updated it in awhile but I I don’t want to burden you with any of that. But I will tell you why this blog is important to me. Flowing Rhythms is my very first blog. It was created over two years ago when I was just starting to discover the many options that available to those like me who are looking for productive ways of using the time they spend online. Today, marks what I would call the ‘rebirth’ of this blog. I was thinking about it for weeks and when I renewed this domain this morning, I knew that I couldn’t let go of this blog. Although it started out as an online chronicle of all my online earnings, this blog will follow a different niche from now on. I feel that this will be more suitable for current issues that are happening everywhere that would interest most people and even random things that are worthy to be discussed. I do hope that those who will read my future posts will find them interesting as well.

‘Till next post and have a great weekend.