Busy Weekend for the Kids

The coming weekend will be another busy one for us because our children have to prepare for their final exams next week. Our eldest actually started with their finals yesterday but they still have a few exams early next week. Our youngest, meanwhile, will have their finals starting next Wednesday. First term is actually very productive, I must say. Both of them are doing well, with our eldest being part of the shortlist of those who are qualified to be part of the dean’s list for the next term (and will be¬†qualified for a scholarship grant) while our youngest ¬†is the top 3 in their class. They are very happy because they said that their hard work is indeed paying off. They want to make sure that they are able to maintain their grades which is why they want to make sure that they will be able to maximize their time this weekend and focus on reviewing for their exams.

After their finals week, they will then have their sem break after their finals for about two weeks. That means they can look forward to waking up late and having more time playing Xbox games and spending time online either chatting with their friends, watching Youtube videos or just browsing different websites that interest them such as musician’sfriend.com where they get to see whether the guitar the they’ve been keen on owning is already on sale. They only get to use the computer and the Xbox on weekends (for an hour each time) so they’re really excited about having extra time playing their favorite games such as NBA and those RPG games that are a hit with teenagers. We will still supervise them of course, and make sure that they also get to spend time doing other things. Anyway, I just hope everything goes well with their review and their exams. I personally couldn’t believe that first term is almost over; time sure flies fast. With the holidays only a couple of weeks from now, I’m sure things will be extra hectic for everyone. For now though, we’ll focus on what needs to be done and hopefully, everything will work out fine.