SEO and Online Marketing {Infographic}

The internet has indeed opened new doors for businesses especially when it comes to tapping a wider market and creating a relationship with their customers. Most of today’s consumers are also active internet users and this is what businesses have started to realize. Creating a stable online presence has become a necessity for every business, regardless of whether it is a big corporation that is considered as one of the more established companies in the industry or a small company that is still trying to create their own mark.

Although most businesses have their own websites, not all of them are able to maximize its use. A website is one of the most effective marketing tools that is available to any business and can create both short term and long term benefits. Creating the website itself is not enough do because what is important is how effectively it will be used. This is where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of the website and allows it to be on the first landing page of most of the major search engines. When a potential customer is in need or a product or a service, he usually goes online and uses a major search engine to look for a company that can offer him the product or service that he needs. With SEO, the website has all the elements needed to make sure that it increases its relevance. This includes using effective SEO tactics, creating quality contents and link building. Companies that would like to benefit from what SEO can do for their website and their company as a whole but do not have the resources or tools this purpose do not have to worry because these type of service can be outsourced. They just have to know how to outsource SEO services from reputable providers.

Below is an Infographic that provides basic SEO information:

A Change of Weather

Although the weather is still generally humid here in our part of the country (with a drizzle of rain from time to time), we have noticed that is starting to feel colder especially at nights and early mornings. It seems that what we would term as ‘Christmas weather’ is indeed upon us. It is actually a welcome relief from the hot summer months and long rainy days that we have had all year,  This reminds me to check out our children’s closets and take out their sweatshirts and jackets. The kids have grown considerably taller and bigger this past year which means they may not be able to fit into their old jackets. We may have to buy them some new jackets as well as other apparel that will help them stay warm such as a foot warmer. We know that it can get colder as Christmas and the end of the year approaches (although it doesn’t snow here, the cold can still get unbearable if you don’t have the right gear) so we really have to prepare for it.