A ‘Pretty Appetite’

I came across the phrase ‘pretty appetite’ as I was reading an article written by a celebrity in yesterday’s paper. It kind of caught my attention because it seemed like a unique way of describing one’s appetite. If one is to ask me to describe my appetite, ‘pretty’ would not be one of them.

So, what makes a ‘pretty appetite’ ? Not sure though. But if I am to guess, and this is based on the article that she wrote, I think it has something to do with the fact that the writer has tried foods/snacks that are not commercially available (except for one, I think), those that are specially made and need to be ordered in advance. She initially was able to try them when they were given to her as gifts. Since then, she has been ordering them regularly and they have been her ‘comfort foods’, those that she would normally eat when she wants to unwind or if she’s having a bad day and would want to feel a bit better. What kind of food is she talking about ? Well, let’s see….there’s the carrot cake, which she says she can’t get enough of, salted caramel ice cream, sugar-coated dark chocolate with hazelnut cream filling, Mexican chips which can be bought only at her hometown and brownie bites. (hungry yet?..lol)

I’m sure that you all have your own comfort foods. For me though, I just stick to those that are available at the grocery store or at my fave fast food so that I can easily buy them whenever I crave for them.

Enough of all this food talk for now, my husband is trying to get my attention because it’s time to prepare our snacks…lol. He’s been working on a miniature house since lunch and he’s definitely hungry. And judging from the way he looks, his appetite is not ‘pretty’.(heheh)

Have a great week everyone !

A Transfer and a Few Changes

Those of you who,at one time or another, have visited this blog before may have noticed a few changes on this blog. Yes, this blog now has its own domain and is now on WordPress.

FlowingRythms is my first ever blog. At the time I do not have any idea what blogging is all about. I was just starting to earn online and I wanted to get more referrals and to prove to people that there are certain sites that are legit and if you work really hard, you’ll start earning online as well. I have met someone online who encouraged me to put up a blog. She has even made a theme for me and guided me through the whole process. As months passed, I would meet people who have since become my online friends. I am fortunate to have come across some wonderful people who are so generous with their time, talent and knowledge. Up to now, there are still a number of things that I need to learn. But I know that if I persevere and with the guidance of the wonderful friends online, I know I will continue to grow as a person and a blogger.

I have long wanted FlowingRhythms to have its own domain. At first I was a bit hesitant because it has a high page rank and I know that if I transfer to another platform, it will lose its page rank. I have been busy with putting up new blogs and this blog has taken a back seat for a while. Then Mr. G helped me with my dilemma (in a way, at least). This blog lost it’s Page rank and I took it as a sign to finally go ahead and buy a domain for this blog, have it hosted and transferred to another platform.

Now all four of my blogs are on WordPress. I know that I still need to work hard on all of them for it to be able to have regular visitors and readers. Plans ? I have loads of them, believe me. First up would be to find a new theme for this blog for a more personalized look. Being able to regularly update this blog is on top of my to do list.  Just keep visiting and I hope you’ll get to like what you’ll see (and read) on all my blogs.

Thanks again for the constant support and for taking the time to comment on my posts. (Btw, Mr. G has once again given this blog a page rank)

Have a great weekend everyone.