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MM: Baby Don’t You Break My Heart Slow

For this week’s Music Monday, my entry is Vonda Shepard’s Baby Don’t You Break My Heart Slow. It was through the TV series Ally McBeal when I first heard about Vonda Shepard. I really like hear voice and Baby Don’t You Break My Heart Slow is one of my favorite songs.

Happy Monday everyone !

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Adgitize Payment for April

I received my Adgitize payment for the month of April a few days ago. I have been an advertiser for a couple of months and I can say that the amount I paid for advertising is worth it. The amount of traffic that my blogs get from them has increased and I’m really happy with that. And since I also receive payment from them every month, it’s like I’m advertising for free !

Here’s my payment proof :

My New Hobby and Why It Can Be Frustrating

I have a new hobby — postcard collecting. I have been chatting with other moms from Pinay Mommies Community and some of them have been been collecting postcards for quite sometime now. They are the ones who got me interested in this hobby. There is actually a site where one can register and then be qualified to receive postcards from random people from different parts of the world. In return, you also have to send the same number of postcards to people who have also registered at the site.

I haven’t registered at the site yet, for now I have opted for direct swapping. I have asked for postcards from other PMC members and in return I’m going to send them one , too. Ever since I got interested in this new hobby, I have been so eager to visit the nearest bookstore and buy a couple of postcards. But sadly, the one nearest where I live only have a few postcards left. No, it’s not because they have all been sold out but because they don’t actually have new stocks. When I asked a sales clerk when they would put on display their new stocks of postcards, she just politely smiled and said, ” I don’t think there will be new postcards anytime soon. Customers are not really looking for it.”
It has actually reminded me of the frustration I felt when I was scouring the bookstores looking for a Mother’s Day card to give to a fellow mom from PMC. The choices are so limited that I actually had to go to different stores just to find one.
Gone are the days when one would visit a bookstore and find rows and rows of greeting cards for different occasions. Same goes with postcards.
At the bookstore here at our place , you can only find around 2 rows of greeting cards and about a couple of postcards. And I’m not exaggerating. It seems I have to go a bigger mall and find a couple of bookstores where I can find the postcards I need. If all else fails, I may have to make the postcards myself. Well, that is if I actually have the time to make one.
For now, I would consider it a minor setback; finding the right postcards, I mean. It wouldn’t measure to the excitement and anticipation you’ll feel when you know that you’ll be receiving postcards from newly found friends . Wish me luck !