Only Four Posts ?

It’s already the end of the month and as I was browsing through my sites, I noticed that I only managed to make four posts for this month. Yup, four posts ! Wow…and to think that at the beginning of this month I was aiming to be more active in coming up with more posts.

So, what happened during this month that made me so busy ? Let’s see, I am still getting used to using WP ( I have two blogs on WP). There are still some instances where I get confused with what to do . I am still spending some time getting familiar with the ins and outs of WP.
But what made me really busy this month was that I was able to do more article writing. I am thankful that I am given more opportunities writing articles. I just hope that this will continue in the coming months since we are saving for the kids’ tuition fees. I also plan to buy another domain and come up with another blog.
Still, even if I failed in coming up with more posts in this blog for this month, I can still say that it has been a productive month for me since I have more opportunities in the writing front.
Have a blessed weekend everyone !

Breathtaking Fireworks Display

Last October 20, 2010 Enchanted Kingdom held the first ever Asian Sky Wizardry Fireworks competition. Local and international fireworks competitors participated. Sky Glitters of the Philippines won top honors while Red Hub Entertainment of Singapore and Don Miguel Enterprises, also from the Philippines, won second and third prize respectively.

Since we live near Enchanted Kingdom, we are always among those who look forward to these amazing fireworks competitions (they also have competitions during their anniversary). We see fireworks display from EK every weekend but everyones still excited because we get to see six entries from local and international competitors. Even if it was raining before the competition started, it didn’t stop those living near EK (including us) to gather near the theme park. The surrounding streets and the main road leading to EK were full of people eagerly awaiting for the competition to start. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos though since we got so engrossed in watching the fireworks that I completely forgot about taking photos. Besides, it was raining from time to time that it wasn’t wise to take the camera out. Anyway, here’s one of the photos that we did manage to take.

Adgitize Proof of Payment

I was able to reach the minimum payout in Adgitize last month (as an advertiser and publisher) and yesterday I received my payment from them. I have placed an ad for my blog, Life as WAHM, this month. My ad for my other blog, Family Life by Fe, expired three days ago but I intend to renew it by next week. Advertising at Adgitize has brought a lot of traffic for my blogs which is the main reason why I plan to continue advertising my blogs.

Here’s my proof of payment from Adgitize :