As The Love Month Ends . . .

… allow me to share one of my favorite quote about LOVE…

Nothing is sweeter than love,
nothing stronger,
nothing higher,
nothing more sublime,
nothing more expansive,
nothing more joyful,
nothing more abundant,
nothing more pleasing in Heaven or on earth;
because love is born from God,
nor it can rest upon created things
but only in God.

-The Imitation of Christ
Book 3 Chapter 5

Goodbye, TrekPay

Like with most people who work online, I started with PTC sites. Even if payout is small, it felt great knowing that you get paid just by clicking ads. One of the few trusted ones was TrekPay. I have received payment from them several times, my ninth payment was credited to my Paypal account a couple of months ago.

But now it seems that TrekPay has turned scam. I have reached payout and requested for cash out over a month ago but until now, I haven’t received any payment. When I searched online on different forums , it seems that other members are having the same problem. When TrekPay announced that they will no longer be issuing payments through Paypal, it kind of raised a red flag. I started having doubts as to the real status of the site. But I continued clicking anyway because I was really close to reaching payout and I thought that maybe, changing payment processors isn’t really going to be a problem. But until now, I haven’t received any payment. In fact, when I logged in at Trekpay just now, I learned that the last time that they have converted their members’ credits to cash was over 3 weeks ago.

Unless they start issuing payments, TrekPay now belongs to the list of scam sites.

Another Weekend Has Gone By

Time flies — really, it does ! A few more minutes and the weekend is officially over. It has been such a busy week that I hardly noticed that it’s the weekend already. Since we have a store that sells mostly toys, the weekend is the busiest for us. We open as early as 6am on Saturdays and on Sundays, we open right after we arrived from church. If we have other business to attend to or we have to buy something important, we usually do them on Monday mornings.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick (and short) post just to check in with all of you and I hope you all had a great weekend with you loved ones.

God bless !