Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #4

It’s the weekend and it’s time for another round of WBFC. Week 4 is going to be the last week for the Google Friend Connect Followers. Next week, it’s going to be about having new email subscribers.

Thanks to all my new followers who followed through WBFC, I have followed you all back. If I somehow missed someone, please send me a message through this post so that I can follow back.

Happy weekend, everyone !

The $35 GC From CSNStores Giveaway

Sis Sheila of Oh ! GoSh Goodies is having a giveaway sponsored by CSNStores.com.The $35 GC giveaway is only open to US/Canada bloggers.
However, those living outside of US/Canada are still welcome to join. Instead of the $35 GC, a $25 special cash award via paypal will be given to the winner that lives outside of US/Canada.
Click on the badge for more info on how to join.
Good luck !


Hopeful About My New ‘Job’

Thanks to sis Bambie, I now have another sideline job – – as adata miner. I have read about it in her post and found it interesting so I signed up at the site she mentioned. There are actually two ways to earn at that site : as a qualified data miner and as a qualified 411 specialist. As a data miner, one has to look up tax liens and enter important information in the system. Searching for phone numbers of individuals or businesses is what a 411 specialist does. Although the rate for each task is not that big, it is still possible to reach pay out easily because of the high volume of work that is available everyday.

Although I’m still far from payout (I have only been doing it for three days), I am encouraged by the fact that she has already received her payment just two days after requesting for it.

Thanks again, sis, for being accommodating and answering my endless questions.

Here’s to more ‘online jobs’ . . .