Grateful to be Back

I’ve been gone for several weeks and if I’m not mistaken, my last post was made December of last of year.
I had surgery last month and up to now I’m still recovering and getting as much rest as I can.
First of all,thanks to those who have helped me throughout my surgery, especially for the prayers you have offered. I know that it is through the power and the love of God that everything went well.

I was really excited to check out my blog a few days ago, and I would like to thank those who have followed this blog and those who have signed up as my referral. I really missed blogging and talking with friends that I have met online.
I have only started working online again a few days ago and so far I have reached another payout at Pixprofit. (I will post my proof soon). I have yet to check the other sites that I am working on. Bad news is, my account with neobux has been ‘temporarily suspended’ because I have been inactive for over 30 days. I have sent a support ticket to the admin and hopefully, their response will be positive. If not, well…there will be other sites to work on, right?

I may not be able to spend as much time online as before since I still need to get as much rest as I can but I will still keep you guys updated to the sites that I am working on.

Will talk about other things on my next posts.
Have a great day, everyone.