Another Payout form Trekpay

I was finally able to reach my sixth payout from TrekPay. I’m glad that the site is still doing well and that they’re introducing new ways for members to earn more weekly . Due to their new payout scheme, payments are given two weeks after requesting for them. Which means that I’ll be able to post my proof of payment from them two weeks from now.

Thanks to all my referrals, by the way . . .

Those interested in joining TrekPay can click on the banner :

Another Pixprofit Payment

I reached another payout at Pixprofit and I received my payment this morning.

Minimum payout is $3 through Paypal and Webmoney. Payments are processed daily which means that if you can reach $3 everyday, then you can receive your payment daily as well. Anyone interested in earning by typing CAPTCHAs can go directly at the site and register.

Here’s my latest proof of payment form Pixprofit :

Today’s GodWhispers

Everyone seems to be very busy these days, fulfilling their various roles in life. With all the things that are going on in our lives we cannot help but to feel stressed sometimes.

If you are feeling anxious, today’s GodWhispers may just be for you.

Have a blessed weekend everyone !